Who has a toddler and an infant breastfeeding? What’s been your experience?

So we kind of realized then confirmed by home test this weekend, that we’ve probably got another bun in the oven. We weren’t really trying, but we also weren’t trying to prevent it 🤷‍♀️😂 That being said, we’re happy. But I’ve got reservations as our first child is just shy of 10 months old right now. I worry that we didn’t give her enough time, but my husband pointed out; the next one doesn’t get that time at all, they’ll always be sharing you. I had planned to start weaning off breastmilk around 2 years old, so I’d have several months of needing supply for two children. I know there’s mama’s out there that have done this, I’m wondering how hard it was on you? How did your toddler handle it? How did you handle your hospital stay with your breastfeeding toddler? Did you have problems with your milk supply during pregnancy? I welcome your insight and shared experiences ♥️

  • Lulu
    Nov 25, 2018

    Following! I've always been curious about this. And congratulations!!

  • Sara
    Nov 26, 2018

    I think one of the harder things is actually nursing DURING pregnancy. Usually at some point in the pregnancy it will become more uncomfortable to nurse and your milk supply could drop. It's definitely not impossible and I know people who have nursed through pregnancy, but it can be a challenge for some moms. Once the new baby comes though your milk with come in again and you should not have a problem supplying enough for two since it's a supply/demand system and your body will just respond to the needs of having two.

  • Soo
    Nov 27, 2018

    Nursing during pregnancy was painful! But I wanted my toddler to naturally wean off so I dealt with it..I’ve read your milk taste changes and my supply dipped so thought that would cause my toddler to lose interest but nope! I tandem fed for a couple months after the baby was born then weaned the toddler around 23 months. The toddler had a field day when my milk came in lol and coupled with jealousy, he wanted to nurse around the clock too.. it’s gonna be rough, especially with a newborn around but it can be done!

  • Erin
    Nov 28, 2018

    I recommend a book called Adventures in Tandem Nursing, which helped me feel a little less crazy as I dealt with my two nurslings. I limited my older child to only one side, to make sure the baby got some. I felt the whole experience helped my kids bond, and eased the transition with a new baby. I ended up weaning very late, though, because it was hard to cut the older child off when the little one was nursing and reminding him of it.

  • Solange
    Dec 01, 2018

    I wasn’t prepared for how much I would dislike it, especially when the kids are nursing at the same time. My 2 year old now wants to nurse all the time...saying no is difficult and leads to tantrums, so now I let him nurse for the time it takes for me to count to ten. Sometimes I count slowly, sometimes very fast. When I say 10, he pops off, and smiles. So whatever connection he needed seems to be met through that short time. I also think that it’s helped him to accept his little brother. If they are nursing at the same time, he will help replace the nipple that fell out of his brother’s mouth. He still doesn’t like that he has a brother, but nursing together seems to connect them to each other as well as to me.