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6 days late for period and negative tests


Hi everyone! I’m 6 days late fore my period and still negative tests. Usually I have longer cycles around 39 days. I haven’t really had any major stressors that would prolong my period this month. Over the past week I’ve had sore breasts, lower back pain, fatigue, and mild cramps in my lower abdominal. Just made a doc appointment but it’s pretty far out on Oct 9th. Any advice on what to do? I’ve been testing with first response, clear blue, and then just some generic brands.

  • Katrina
    Sep 26

    is your cycle usually pretty consistent? it could be pms symptoms and you are just late. I was consistent for years then suddenly just started changing so i think it's pretty normal to be off cycle as we age or go through body changes. I'd say for now try to take the health precautions until you confirm at the appointment.