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6 mo old waking up an hour after going to bed

For about a month now, my 6 mo. old babygirl is waking up every night about an hour after we put her to sleep for the night in her crib in her own room. She won’t stop crying unless we bring her into our bed (where she’ll then sleep mostly the rest of the night...sometimes waking to breastfeed around 3 am). She takes three great naps in her room during the day everyday and we have a pretty solid bedtime routine from about 6:30-7:30 (bath, breastfeeding). We started solids about a months ago and she is still exclusively breastfed. Anyone else experience this? How do we get her to sleep through the night on her own?

  • Jenn
    Apr 16

    She may be ready to drop the 3rd nap and go to just 2 or have a really short 3rd nap (15-30mins max). Try making sure she is up for at least 3 hrs before bed to tire her out. Also, if you have been doing it for a month, it is just a habit now and you may need to sleep train her again (probably using CIO)

  • Jackie
    Apr 16

    My LO use to do the same thing. She was/is bottle fed so I am able to control home much formula she is taking in throughout the day. We determined it was time to up her intake and she was also teething. We went through this for about 2 months. She is now almost 10 months and we are somewhat going through sleep issues again. Now she’s not waking after an hour but her 2 days have reduced and she wake up almost an hour earlier. I’m not complaining cause she still sleeps 730/8 until almost 7. I don’t know what to recommend for breastfed babies but she might not be getting enough or possibly teething. As much as I love cuddling up with her I’m not a fan of cosleeping. Instead of bringing her into your bed I would try the Ferber method. It’s hard to listen to your baby cry but by night 3 she’ll start to understand (atleast my lo did). Best of luck!!

  • CheerioMama
    Apr 16

    My 8 month old has only been taking two naps a day since he was about that age. The , when we crib trained him, we let him cry it out a few nights, and now he goes to sleep on his own in about 10-15 minutes after the nightly routine

  • Kwame
    Apr 17

    Try the Ferber method of sleep training, you can google it. It’s tough at first but if you stay consistent over a month or so it’ll set in.

  • Colleen
    Apr 17

    Thanks everyone!