Reply to My 5 y/o keeps asking me for play dates with his classmates.

You know, it really comes down to one of the moms making the initiative. My daughter has been to her daycare since 2yr old. But during May before she turned 5yr old, the school decided to move their location. Usually when I pick up my kids, I see the other parents and just briefly say hi to them but I know all my daughter's friends, as I'm the type of mom that likes to get to know them. So I was so bummed out when the school was closing and started asking all the moms for their contacts, asking the older toddlers where they will be going to kindergarten since my daughter was going this year. I first was in touch with 2 moms and set a playdate. Then the 2 moms say they have the other moms contacts and invited them to the play date. And now, we have a total of 6 moms, that we are now best friends because of our little ones that have been best friends from daycare for 3yrs. Even the little ones have their little siblings to join our group. All in all, I'd say it is not a bother to approach the parents. Believe me, a lot of moms would love to make new mom friends but tend to be shy. I've now toughen up my courage to approach parents saying, my daughter has been talking about having a play date with your kid, would you love to hang up some time to maybe to go a park or something? Then I exchange numbers or add them to my wechat.