Reply to Toddler tantrums

I agree with ^^^ and also we ALWAYS no matter what clean up the living room toys after dinner. After I wash his hands I always say ok let’s go pick up the toys now. It’s part of a routine now. To be honest, some days he’s not too interested (can’t blame a 2 year old) and we put the toys away and ask often can you help? Or where does this one go? But still end up doing most of it. And other days he puts all 100 toys away in 30 seconds! I think it’s about consistency (just like everything else in a kids life) because more often than not now he’ll at least help us. But I think that doing it without fighting him on it and making it some crazy dramatic tantrum fest is the key for us, we just relax and keep offering for help. “Well do it with or without you”