Reply to MIL doesn’t date, her son told her “not to”

How long has she been single? Has she already been obsessing over your child? Is your husband the biological father? Asking all this because it based on what you said, it sounds like your MIL has been single for a while and I’m making the assumption that your husband is the biological father of your 1 year old (info provided next to your name). So wouldn’t you know if she would obsess over the child? And if those are all the cases... If she isn’t now, I wouldn’t worry about it. I think it’s also normal for grandparents to “obsess” over their grandkids. There’s a line that you can draw and it’s up to you to set those boundaries as I know some grandparents overstep. Is MIL still working? Does she have any extra curriculars? Those could help her keep busy and give you all your space if you need it. My MIL is still married and is obsessed with my son but she’s still working and plays golf... so it keeps her busy enough.