Reply to Son is afraid to poop

I was actually recently reading about this whole pooping issue. And what the article - I can’t remember the name other wise I’d post it- said with children that are afraid to poop, tell them that the longer they hold it the worse it will hurt, so it’s better to go when you feel like you have too. Also I give my son prunes, or orange juice when he’s not wanting to poop. I find it helps keep him loose, and if all else he loves a warm bath and sometimes it’s the only way to get him to relax enough to go. Even if it means trudging our the tub afterwards at least he’s going. We also use the sign language for “poop” too, which he thinks is absolutely hilarious, which also sometimes helps him chill out enough to poop and be comfortable!!! I dread this issue with my son, because his daddy and papa don’t have the best bowls in the world- that constant constipation and irritatable bowl issue. So I’ve been trying to find alternatives to keep that little boy comfortable, and regular. Hope that helps!!!