Reply to Six day old still hadn’t pooped since Wednesday

For both my kids the pediatrician told us not to worry til it hit 10 days without pooping as long as they are peeing a lot. They also don’t mind if you call and ask. We have called our nurses line so many times over the years and they are fine with it. That’s what they’re there for. And we never used the Q-Tip with Vaseline but pretty much the same thing. We would take the infant thermometer that has the little know where to stop so you don’t put it too far up their butt... and we would take her temperature for both reasons... make sure her temp is good but also help trigger those muscles into pushing... works like a charm! Some times we take her temp twice back to back to get it moving. She’s two and we even did this same thing not too long ago when she was constipated and it still works! If you’re not comfortable with that yet, I’d say start with the bicycle kicks and tummy massages. They can work too. Rubbing the tummy in circles and than a downward motion.