Reply to Transitioning FROM daycare (SAHM)

When I had my first, I was ecstatic to return to work. Everyone told me I was going to be devastated and cry, and I loved it. I felt like I had it all. As my second child came close to being due (17 months apart), I asked to go part time to make life balance easier (I loved my job, and my husband and I honestly could afford to put both in daycare based on our pay and work from home flexibility), but they refused and I quit. I left crying wondering who I was if I wasn’t the career woman and how I was going to manage these tiny humans, but also excited. I am currently pregnant with baby four, and I will have four kids under the age 5. I am so thankful I made this jump and had my kids close together. I sometimes feel guilty that I missed that first 15 months of my oldest life, but I also realize that I was my best me (and mom). because I was working at the time. If you want to keep working and can find a child care solution for two kids, I encourage you to do that, because it’s important you are the best you. If you want to be at home and can be financially, I encourage you to do that because it’s important you be the best you. Not everyone is fortunate enough to make these choices focused on being the best parent they can be, rather then simply looking at the numbers of the bank account. If you are staying at home, I encourage you to do two things 1) find parents to socialize with, usually there is a fb group that organizes events for your kids age 2)find something you enjoy for you, I found a volunteer org that I work remotely for, flexible hours, related to my field of work - it gives me two things 1) a future reference when I go back to working 2) a fulfillment of being me -the old me - and I get kudos from the org, nobody high fives me for dumping out the training potty full of poop...etc. as far as your child...they’re going to be thrilled to be home with you more, so as long as you take them out to parks and activities their age (don’t kill yourself, I’d say 2-4 times a week), and socialize them and yourself they’re going to love it. You may find you need to adjust schedules to make the new baby work with the first child, or you may find it all fits nicely on its own. You’ll rock it. :)