Reply to Best time to start trying for a baby?

Everyone is right when they say there is no right time. You will never be stable enough or have enough money or be completely ready for a baby BUT you can at least have a plan. Do you have insurance? Because medical bills will be expensive! What about daycare? Will one of you be staying home or do you have family near by? Daycare is crazy expensive so you’ll need to make sure you can afford it. My MIL and my mom take turns watching the baby on days my husband and I both work. Do you and your husband have a good marriage? Because no sleep and a crying baby will absolutely test your marriage. That’s been the hardest part for us. We always had time for each other and really had a good marriage before baby. Now I’m too tired and my hormones are messed up and we just have a harder time making time for each other which causes more fights. I’m not saying we’re not good, I’m just saying to make sure you are both in a good place with each other before you bring a life into the mix or things will just get worse. A baby will not help/fix anything. Good luck in your decision!