Reply to Deciding on the right type of childcare for your family

Logistics of travel was my main criteria. We only considered daycares near my work or near our home. Also logistics and guarantee of a spot. With the big institutional daycares near my work, as long as you signed up a year in advance, you'd get a spot. Nanny shares tend to come together last minute, require more legwork to find another family and a nanny you like, and all that sounded stressful to me. Also the guarantee of daily care was important to me. Nanny's get sick or hurt or go on vacation or decide they don't want to be nanny's anymore. Daycares have a long list of subs for days when teachers are out. The daycares near work were also highly recommend by co-workers. We didn't have any in home daycares that met my initial screening criteria of location, but on the other factors, they are more like nanny's than daycares. We love the daycare we ended up at.