Reply to 3 year old refuses to poop in potty

One thing I think you can try to do is to go out and really pre-frame and build up her getting a new potty of her own brand new little toilet for her self you know really build it up going to the store the whole thing you know picking it out giving them different options and let her pick the one that she likes the best and then when you get home letting her decide where in the bathroom it’s going to go and all those little things that make it exciting might help that process nothing a sure fire but it’s definitely a good place to start. Would you also might definitely have to do is stop giving her the diapers and just really bite the bullet on that one and it’s going to hurt it’s gonna be hard for you or you and your partner but it’s definitely the one thing you’ll have to do if not I’ll never work she’ll always know that they have that to fall back on. Hope this help. ✌🏽and love