Reply to Parent playground etiquette

Ooh I personally struggle with this dynamic. I always hope Ill be strong and courageous, diplomatic and savvy... (bc who else do our little ones have? They depend on us! And also, they watch and emulate how we deal with different social dynamics).... I guess two things can help: 1) having some preprepared responses and 2) being OK with potentially accidentally seeming ruder than your ideal reply (if you'd had more time to process). Next time, you could go over to the parents and say something to the effect of, "hey there, see that little girl over there? That's my daughter. I just saw her get knocked over by the bigger kids, *by accident.* I'd like her to be able to play safely. Could you please let your kiddo know to give the baby some more room? " Aaand... If they don't comply (and ideally apologize to you ask well...), that would be crazy... And also well then they're a POS. I'd remind them, unamused and sternly, that " I intentionally didnt adress their kid because it's best to address the parent. Don't knock over my kid, she's a baby!" And if they still don't comply, then you're totally in the right to yell over to their kid and tell them to give the baby space. "Hey kids! No running near the baby! You just knocked her over. Cmon, you know better. Go back over there and help her up."