Reply to Milk, milk, milk

My Daughter is 16 months and the pediatrician told us she needs 3 servings of whole dairy a day, a serving of milk being 8 oz. Any cheese and or yogurt also counts towards her dairy requirement. So with that being said, we offer her milk before her nap, and before bedtime, offering a yogurt during the day as a snack. She doesn’t normally eat cheese in solids and when she does it’s such a little amount I don’t think much about it. Occasionally she won’t want a yogurt so then I may offer a third serving of milk instead. I don’t stress about it though; some days she will consume a bit more and others a bit less. The difference with the other readers is that my pediatrician said she NEEDS three servings for the fat content and brain development, and also not to go over that periodically. So maybe just shoot for 24 oz and you’ll be fine.