Reply to I feel stuck.

My cousin was in a similar situation, but three young kids and not pregnant. Her counselor told her that every paycheck she was to secretly hide some money as a nest egg for leaving. She also needed to make a solid plan on how she was going to leave with 4 people. By plane? By car? By train? How much would that cost? What supplies would she need to make that happen? Where would she relocate and why? It took my cousin a year to save the money. Once she did leave, it was while her husband was at work during the day. To another state. However, her husband sued for full custody of the children in his state and said she was mentally unstable and never even mentioned wanting a separation or divorce and the court dates were all in his state. If she didn’t attend, then they considered her not contesting the full custody he was requesting. Very messy and expensive. Just be very certain you have a solid plan and understand what custody issues may happen for you.