Reply to Preschool bullying?

Wow, thank you everyone for your advice and for sharing your stories! I’ve wrapped up the week by speaking with both classroom teachers and the principal. We’ve come up with a game plan that includes twice daily discussions with the teachers and a weekly check in with the principal (i had a long meeting with her and referenced specific situations). I know they’ve reached out to parents, as well. The principal did say that they’re not capable of being bullies that young, which I’m not sure I agree with - daily squabbles are a part of toddlerhood and in every daycare setting. Something targeted and frequent towards one person feels like bullying. I’ll be gauging how things go and considering other options (other daycares) as a backup. It’s a very small school, so there’s no option to switch classrooms (and sitting in and observing wouldn’t be possible without totally disputing the class). I’ve been told that for the most part she’s very happy during the school day, but hoping we can get to a smoother drop off (less apprehension) and her looking forward to going to school.