Reply to Hands-free breast pump vs. cord mess?

Hi there, I’ve been using the Willow since November and have had nothing but issues. I have three kids so I was so excited to use a hand free pump! The first time I got mastitis I stopped using the Willow and used my standard Medela instead. The issue would get resolved by pumping with the Medela or being put on a prescription. I’ve had clogged ducts due to using the Willow pump as well. After getting mastitis for the second time, I’ve decided I’ll never use it again. For anyone that’s had mastitis you can understand how terrible it is! Since I’ve had mastitis twice, which is odd, I have to go for a mammogram and an ultrasound to make sure there isn’t an abscess. I was hopeful the Willow was going to be a huge help to our busy family but it’s done the opposite. I’ve exclusively pumped with my first two children with the Medela and never had any issues. I’ll be sticking with what I know works from now on.