Reply to Playground etiquette

My daughter didn’t cry but I wasn’t gonna wait until I had deal with a crying baby, right now she is going through a phase where she freezes when someone comes to close to her, there have been times where other toddlers come close to her to touch her or even push her but I can see clearly that is out of curiosity in those cases she just stands and do nothing so I just tell her come let’s go try this instead( slide,swing or toy ) He was never in danger, cause he wasn’t at the edge of the slide, and I did tell him don’t step on her hand and he just stood there I didn’t yell at him, I don’t like to tell other kids what to do, cause If their mom don’t say anything it means they are ok with that kind of behavior. We’ve been in similar where someone pushes her and the moms would say “no, don’t do that, be nice, or say sorry “ but in this case I didn’t even see or hear the mom until she was yelling at me for moving her son’s foot from my daughters hand. Thanks all for your opinions I appreciate them