Reply to Summer schedule for kids?

I think I have a bit of a different perspective because I homeschool, so my kids are home with me 24/7. I also have 4 (almost 5) kids. We keep our same schedule year-round and it's because I 100% believe, and have seen in 8 years of parenting, that being off our schedule is chaos AND getting back onto it is worse. We do take vacations and then let bedtimes and such slide a bit but it's like a week... and then we have a definite adjustment period. I can't imagine doing that for 3 months and then adjusting while trying to get them out to school, plus a new teacher, classroom etc. That's a lot for them. I also believe that being out of their rhythm encourages bad behavior. I can't say how often I hear moms complaining that their kids are driving them nuts or having bad behavior and they can't wait for school to start again. I think it's because they're tired, hungry and have no idea what to expect for their days. So while I don't think it's necessary to wake them up at 6:15 and rush into getting dressed, doing chores etc.... I'd say that if at school they eat lunch at 12:15, try to eat around then. If they usually have a quiet reading time at 1, try to give them a quiet rest activity at 1. If you want to add in some "Make Something Monday" type schedule or a list of things they have to do before screen time, that's up to you. But addressing their basic needs at the same time each day, will add structure and remove chaos. If they are old enough, having a weekly calendar so they can see "on Thursday we go to the library, etc." then they will know kinda what's coming.