Reply to Pumping at work

The quick summary if you should replace when you normally feed your baby with a pumping session. So if you'd normally feed your baby about every 3 hours, then you should pump every 3 hours when you're at work. The length of time you pump for should be about as long as you would feed on one side (assuming you're using a double electric pump). It might be 10 minutes or up to 30 minutes. You will get into a rhythm and figure out what works for you. You will likely produce enough to feed your baby for the next day but not all bodies respond the same to the pump. I know for me, my baby is much more efficient at getting milk out than the pump is so I don't produce quite enough for my baby the next day (so I supplement with formula or sometimes I have a small stash of frozen milk from other times I'm able to pump). I highly recommend investing in a good pump and lots of extra pump parts. Do a trial run before you go back to work at home to make sure you are comfortable using the pump. Good luck!