Reply to Playground etiquette

Just another idea here: You can use a situation like this to teach your kiddo how to assert herself. Use a calm, confident voice and say something like, “[Name], tell him to stop. If you don’t like that, tell him. Say ‘stop’.” And if you say it a little loudly (but still calmly), the other kid’s parent may overhear and try to help. We’re not always going to be around them, so we might as well try to teach them how to handle these situations - that’s my thought, anyway. If she can’t quite say that yet or is still unsure how to handle the situation herself, I would then try to model the behavior and, in a calm, matter-of-fact tone, just tell him to stop, take his foot off her hand, etc. I don’t think what you did was necessarily out of line. I remember the first time another kid pushed my daughter on the playground - it happened so fast, I was right there, and we were both just kind of stunned. The mom ran up apologizing, everyone was fine. But I definitely didn’t have the clarity of mind to use the tactic above. It’s taken both my daughter and me some “training” to try to address these situations differently now.