Reply to Christmas gift with strings attached

So I’ve been thinking, and I feel like Cheryl is not out of line or being rude at all. I think by nature, if another human being has made us feel less than our full self worth we are by nature skeptical to want to give them more power by telling them things. I disagree fully that it’s “hiding something.... or overreacting...” I know I’ve been put in that situation where someone is given a chance and they in turn piss all over it and make you feel belittled, you’re not going to be the first to jump and say “hey this is what I’m spending the money on.” Also, I feel like yes, it is her money, in fact, my husband and I have a thing where every Friday night whatever cash we have left in our wallet from the week- it goes to our son. I don’t feel like once I give it to him- it’s still MINE. It’s HIS. To do what he wants with it when he wants. Once money is given as a gift - or not- it becomes the person whom it was given too. So yes, I think she has EVERY right to feel how she does. Place yourself in the persons shoes.