Reply to Time To Bottle Wean

The bottles I’d give around meals I swapped out for sippys of milk WITH the meals. And then I tried taking away bedtime bottle and morning bottle last... those were harder eventually I looked in the sink and decided I didn’t want to clean all those damn bottles and threw them all in the trash 😊 ya can’t miss what ya don’t have! Kids adjust so easily. My sons doc said don’t be afraid to take away the bottle especially if they are eating solids well. It isn’t like when they are a baby and they completely rely only on milk to live. So if they go a couple days pouting there’s no bottle then that’s fine, they will live and adjust to a new normal- a sippy! We started out with a straw cup, similar to the bottle I got annoyed of washing the little tiny straws (can you tell I HATE dishes) then we swapped to a regular old sippy cup. We also tried the 360 cup, which he does fine with too! To my surprise he likes the ones with little characters on them especially lol