Reply to Food reward for potty training

We haven’t had to do rewards for potty training yet but I’m not one to rule them out if necessary. I saw something on here in the past where the parents did sticker based rewards on a chart. The chart had several rows and columns. The rows said things like, “I went potty on the big kid chair, I went poopy on the big kid chair, I went to the bathroom and pulled my underwear down all by myself, and oops! I had an accident, but that’s okay! I learned how to clean myself up and get dry pants on!” And then about 5 columns. Every time the child achieved one of the actions, they got a sticker in a box next to their row. Once all of the boxes were full (not including the accident row) they would go to the dollar store and let them pick out their own gift. Even if the accident row was also filled they’d still get a gift. It’s just a way of positively acknowledging an accident.