Reply to Working from home with 14 month old

I work full time from home (corporate job with lots of calls and deadlines to meet) and up until a few months ago my son was home with me. I would start work at 6 so I had some time before he woke, I scheduled as many calls as I could for his nap time, I had lots of noisy entertaining toys in my office - think jumparoo, talking bears with buttons, shape sorters, stacking rings, toys I could wind up and a song would play, stacking cups!! But I also found that sometimes he just really wanted to be involved in what I was doing, so he sat on my lap, played with things on my desk, my calculator, notepads, an old mouse (that he had broken) and was quite content to be close. It’s never going to be like working without a child, they’re there and they’re going to get in your business, your work will be affected - I sent numerous emails with added characters at the end because a little hand hit the keyboard when I was sending, but it is so wonderful to have the opportunity to stay together while you work for as long as you can. I could start my LO on an activity, or get him engaged with a toy or book and then I could leave him to it for a while then I’d start the process over. My recommendation is definitely have your space loaded with things to keep her entertained and that you can grab at a moment. I read about a “discovery box” where you put different items from around the house in a box so your LO can dig through and play with them, it seems like a great concept and would be entertaining for the right kid, I did it a couple of times but just couldn’t keep up with changing out the stuff. Plus my son became obsessed with the potato masher 🤦‍♀️ I started WFM when he was 12weeks and it was great until he was around 20months when he needed more than I could give him while I worked (more entertainment, development & socialization!) so we enrolled in daycare. Maybe also look at a moms day out program for a few hours a week to bridge.