Reply to Potty training at naptime/bedtime

So my first child (I potty train daytime earlier around 1.5 yrs) figured out how to hold it at night before he turned two. I put him in a diaper each night but it just clicked for him. My second is 3 and we’ve decided to do night training. Which for us means letting him continue to drink what his body needs during the day, encouraging him to pee or once twice during bedtime routine, and then putting puppy training pads under him at night and letting him sort it out. When he pees at night we just remind him to get up and use the little potty (we keep it just outside his bedroom door and his door stays open), and change him and go back to bed. No big deal. Our goal isn’t to make ourselves upset or him upset, just simply to provide opportunity for a little discomfort and thought about it by removing the diaper. I never had to train child 1, so I don’t know if this will work, but I feel like it’s better than nothing, especially as he’s been daytime trained for over a year.