Reply to Aggressive playing toddler?

Now days you can’t be certain on how far one can go with discipline & not go to jail or get turned in for abuse.Just like when they start school,if they are over hyper some of the teachers want them on meds,& then their like zombies in class or even on the playground.A lot of that comes to just making the pressure on them more tolerable.Ive never been afraid to discipline my own or grandchildren when they needed it.But my firmness in how I speak has worked wonders for them & kept them from spankings.As mothers we are pushed beyond measure as their age progresses & then some.I feel like you young mothers are good people or you wouldn’t be on here at least asking for advice from others.You young ladies have this.Im 50 years old,have 4 kids,& 14 grandchildren,1 great grand baby on the way.7 of my grands live with me full time,& I take care of my mom with Dementia.As you live your live and get will notice it all falls into place & you are still here.❤️.Saddle up’s all full of adventures and everything else rolled into one😇.You are being real moms & that speaks volumes for you as a real woman....Only real moms will reach out to others with the understanding of knowing that you all are not alone!😇Have a blessed day Ladies🙏🏽.One day at a time💞❤️💕