Reply to My son is 18 months and he is starting his terrible twos! Help!!!

My daughter is a very active toddler who never sleeps and has given me a horrible makeover. She will be two in a week and no longer naps. When she throws tantrums I ignore her. Over the past two months she has learned what "frustrated" means so 90% of the time she will say "I'm frustrated" and were able to avoid a tantrum. The rest of the time we deal with 5 minutes of screaming and crying before the tantrum is over. We spend about 3-4 hours outside and watch super simple songs or cocomelon when she needs a break from interaction. This usually gives me 30 minutes to gather myself. The only time I get away from her is when I go to work now. Is it possible for you to go to a library an hour or two a day to get some work done?