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7yo STILL drinks formula milk??


Hi all, I’m a SDC (special day class) teacher and i have a 2nd grader in my class who brought a baby bottle to school... when I was putting some paperwork in his backpack for his parents to sign I found the bottle. However, when I picked it up and looked at it you can instantly tell that it was formula milk. ** He is the only child in the family** Is this something I should discuss with parents or should I just turn my head the other way? I can’t really wrap my head around this

  • Valerie
    Apr 26

    Mention it to higher ups for help or research why someone would if there’s no logic then proceed

  • Laura
    Apr 26

    What do you mean you can instantly tell? Was it a bottle with the formula label on it? Is there a school nurse you could talk to?

  • Alexis
    Apr 27

    I think I'd be more concerned about the fact that it was in a bottle than whether or not it was formula. If it was toddler formula, theres not necessarily anything wrong with that since it does have good nutritional value (unless that's the only thing the child was getting...). But a 7 yo still using a bottle is not developmentally appropriate and can cause dental issues.