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7yo Water bottle recommendations plz!

My daughter is going to be in 2nd grade and we and I both share in the terrible stomach issues so we stoped drinking dairy milk (which has helped a lot) and a bunch of other stuff. Point is I normally get her a water bottle for school but last year she went threw them so quick and would destroy them 🤦🏽‍♀️ i normally get them from Walmart or target but I end up spending a bunch of money since she’s so active and takes the water bottle everywhere. Another issue is she’s so tiny that she can’t reach the water fountain at school 😂 my pore baby. Anybody know a good water bottle that can take a good beating? And last us at least half the year if not the hole year?

  • Queenb4207
    Aug 11

    Maybe try the kids hydro flask. My daughter has one and it keeps her water cold all day long.

  • Marilyn
    Aug 12

    It’s a little expensive but i got my daughter a yeti bottle. Kept water cool all day whether inside or outside. Very durable. At the end of the year it was banged up and chipped but took a beating pretty well.

  • Jackie
    Aug 13

    I have 2 Mira stainless steel vacuum sealed insulated bottles. They are great at keeping water cold or warm all day! Yetis are nice but super expensive and this is a great alternative. They offer many different sizes and lid types. Go onto amazon and just search Mira water bottle.

  • Jennifer
    Aug 15

    I got the Swell water bottle and the water stays cold and the bottle takes some good beating and lasts for the whole school year.