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8 mth who will only drink from his bottle while laying down. What's the best way to change this.

  • Alexis
    Jan 10

    In high chair in incline so not to be laying down and then seat up slowly over time.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 10

    Not that this is very helpful but my son was the same way 🤷🏽‍♀️ he’s now 14 mo so no more bottle.... but until his last baba he had to lay on the floor to drink it. He could never understand to tip it up. So he couldnt drink in his car seat or high chair. He has to use straw sippy cups bc same thing, he doesn’t get that he has to tip up a regular sippy haha

  • Lisa
    Jan 11

    My daughter is nearly 11 months, and the same way, has to lay down to drink bottle. She also refuses to drink from any sippy cups. I am really trying to get her to use the straw ones so she can have a drink in the car seat, but still no luck.