Reply to What are some things to know about postpartum

Coming in late here, but echoing the thing about formula! A fed, healthy baby is the goal. Give yourself and your body time and take care of you so you can then care for your baby. Tell people what you want and need; we have amazing friends who organized a food train—incredible!—but they all brought insanely carby comfort foods that lacked protein and fiber. By the end of week 3, I thought I was going to die and kept ordering/running to the store for meat, veggies, and fruit. Should’ve just asked them instead of worrying about hurting feelings when they volunteered to bring food! Also, if you have any birth trauma, talk to a therapist. I thought I could handle my emotions around my baby and me both being in intensive care after 3 days of stalled labor and a c-section. I’m still dealing with the emotional issues and wish I had gotten counseling sooner. Get a post partum doula, and if your healthcare provider is not giving you adequate follow up care, switch to one that will. They tend to treat you like once the baby is out, you’re good to go... not the case. After the birth, your whole phase of recovery and adjusting begins and you need support to thrive. Lastly, you can do it, and none of us knows what we’re doing. People on social media who look like they’ve got it all figured out are just as lost sometimes as we are. <3