Reply to Drinking habits

My husband drinks about that much too in the work week. More on his days off. He chews a whole can of tobacco a day, and smokes cigarettes/cigars. I’ve tried talking to him because he’s already not in the best of health at age 21. But he does it still anyways, and his family encourages the drinking. I’ve come to a place where I know I can’t change him, the more I talk to him about it the more we fight. He doesn’t help me with our 1 yr old and I’m pregnant right now. I don’t get a day off, he’s out hunting right now. This is not how it was when we first got together at all. I think marriage and kids change men, and they don’t want to be controlled or worry about the effect their actions take on us mothers/wife’s. If it’s really bothering you, you can try and have a private conversation alone to express your feelings and just see how he reacts. He may not even realize what his actions are doing to you