Reply to How to tell my friend I’m pregnant whose struggling with infertility

I’ve been on both sides of this situation. I hated that a friend had worried so much about how to tell me when I was struggling... and in turn, I hated telling a different friend my news (with baby #2) when she’s been struggling for so long. In both situations, everything turned out fine. Of course I was jealous when my friend told me (especially bc it was an accident), but I was way more excited for my friend than anything else. I would have been hurt had she not included me in the details of her pregnancy and in her child’s life.. just to spare my feelings. All friendships are different... and this will be a real test to your guys’. As mentioned above, let your friend process however she needs to... but don’t miss out on enjoying every second of this pregnancy. Fast forward to baby #2... I was so nervous to tell a friend bc she’s been struggling (I’m finding that a lot more ppl struggle to get pregnant than I realized). Anyways, she was totally happy for me and felt bad that I’d worried so much about how to tell her. I still found myself feeling guilty... my heart just breaks for my friend ... and I feel terrible that I’m going to have 2 babies before she’s even pregnant with her first. At the same time, I know things will work for her when it’s suppose to... and the fact that she’s going through all this heartache will make her appreciate every second that much more me she does get pregnant. Good luck!