Reply to Is it ok to send 3 1/2 year old to Pre-K 2-3 times a week?

3 days/week is good and I would suggest to teach your little one at home some school work if you have time. Basically having your little one practice writing the Alphabets, numbers, spelling out and writing their names. Also to enforce learning on counting. That is what my little one learned in Pre-K this year to prepare her for Kindergarten in the upcoming August. Another good thing I would suggest is, I go to Costco or Target to buy these workbooks called Brainquest or something similar. They are these thick workbooks that you can buy by the grade. They have ones starting at Pre-K. However, I usually buy the ones a grade ahead so I can prepare my kids to learn ahead. Example, my older kid (Son 8yr old) is going to 3rd this upcoming August. So in the summer I will buy the 3rd grade workbook and have him do during the summer. That way when school starts, he has learned at least half the stuff they cover in class. This makes his learning easier. I like to have my kids learn ahead so it makes it easier for them. I think the workbook method really helps as my son has receive Math, English Language Arts awards in class every year since TK. I've also just brought this game that I can teach my 4 1/2yr old daughter (turning 5 during end of July) to learn how to spell.