Reply to Am I ready?

So you do not need to rush this. You need to figure what works for your family. I cosleep with my husband and three kids, who are 17 months and 20 months apart. My first baby was by far my most difficult, but we knew together that we wanted another one after him. I would only take it one month and one baby at a time. I love cosleeping and find I get more sleep. If you don’t, you should do what works for you. We as parents always like to think what works for us works for others. It’s doesn’t, cosleeping for one person could be a miserable sacrifice for one parent and another couple might find it the favorite part of their parenting journey. It doesn’t mean that the parent/kid relationship would suffer either way. If your first is 6 months old and you have more questions than answers, I wouldn’t rush into things. And I would may sit down with your husband and discuss. If he’s ready, and you think you prob want another but some things need to change (like cosleeping or more husband help) maybe make a list of goals, and a time frame and work together to reach them before talking about baby 2.