Reply to Does anyone feel alone now that they haves kids ... I do

My son is 9mo old and I experienced something similar. I didn’t recognize how lonely I had become and how isolated I was until recently. I believe I had a bit of delayed postpartum depression because I was fine initially and then got progressively worse. I felt as though nobody cared and loved my baby as much as my family and I did and felt as though nobody wanted to be around us once he was born. It was difficult for me but as soon as I was able to put a name to this issue, I discovered that communication is extremely important. Communicate your concerns and feelings. Talk to your SO and/or someone you can trust. Reach out to those folks you wouldn’t have before. I promise you, it will get better. It is tough and as a first time mother I didn’t realize /how/ tough until it happened to me. Keep your chin up! It will be alright. (: