Reply to How to organize myself ??

Definitely meal prep ahead of time on the weekends so you have your whole week of meal planned out. Or use an instant pot. I typically throw all the food in the instant pot when I get home and put it to cook. Or make easy 15 minute meals like spagetthi or vegtable and beef stir fry. While I'm waiting for instant pot to be done, I have time to help my kids get homework done. I work full time with 5yr old daughter and 8yr old son, so my schedule looks like this: Get off work at 5:30pm, pick up kids at school by 6pm (they are in free after school program at school), then get home close to 7pm, throw food in instant pot which usually takes about 40min to an hour to cook, during that time help kids with homework. Then eat at 8pm. Usually we are done eating by 8:30-8:45pm, chill out until 9:00-9:30pm (sometimes during this time of relaxing I will play Youtube and do some simple dance moves with my 5yr old daughter, she loves the time I spent with her and we get to laugh and exercise a bit. Recently she learned some clapping games at school and wanted me to do it with her. Called "Lemonade"), then I shower kids, then they will be in bed by 9:30pm-10pm. Usually the kids are exhausted so they fall alseep within 10 mins of laying in bed. Then from 9:30-10pm, I get to relax and do anything I want, like watch tv, play games on my phone, listen to music, or if you feel like doing yoga.