Reply to Delivery at 29 weeks

Tell her to definitely take care of herself . My daughter was in NICU a week and even that short time I felt helpless and lost. I finally had to tell myself that to take care of her I needed to take cafe of myself. I was pumping and sending my milk to her but I made sure I got rest, food, water, and love and support from friends and family was pivotal. The NICU is full of amazing people and connections. Often they will have a mentor family they can partner you with to help with navigating all the ins and outs of NICU life. Some hospitals offer a NICU support group as well. I wanted to feel involved and asked the nurse if I could change her diapers while I was there and tried to pump on the schedule they were feeding her. Even though she was too small for the breast I still felt like I was on her schedule and helping her. The nurses also let me take clothes for her and it made me feel better to take somethung that was hers and change her and wash the dirty ones. I felt like I was doing all I could to help her. Your friend's baby is going to be extra tiny but there are websites and Etsy shops devoted to micro preemie clothing. Every trip to the NICU was so heavy on my heart but just being near her made me feel stronger. I wanted to be strong for her. I truly wish her all the best and hope the little one does well and meets all the goals they set for them. It's a road less traveled and a rocky one. Take advantage of all the assistance the hospital offers to you.