Reply to Willow pump

I shelled out the $$ and bought a Willow when I returned to work from maternity leave. It is pretty great. Not dealing with the wires/tubes is a huge plus. You feel like a truly untethered person. It took me a few minutes longer to get all the milk out vs. the standard pumps (I used Medela and Ameda at home), but since you are not "wired" it doesn't make much of a difference. At times, I would be on my computer and even forget it was working. I feel the purchase was totally worth it. The downsides are that (1) the milk bags are 50 cents a piece and there are no generic/aftermarket ones that you can be instead. (2) There is a bit of a learning curve for figuring out how to use them. And (3) you have to remember to charge them - you cannot use them "plugged in." None of these should deter you from buying it though. It is a great product and surpasses existing pumps if you want to feel untethered.