Reply to Anyone dealing with hyperemesis gravidarum ?

I feel for you!!! I had it with my first until two days after I gave birth. It was controlled with diclegis. With this pregnancy, I started off with meds but was still violently ill. It ended up not working after awhile and I haven’t been on any HG meds since about 15 weeks. Somehow the nausea had subsided, but at 34 weeks I started throwing up again from the heat and heartburn. I’ve started working strictly from home again because just the commute to work would overheat me and I’d throw up as soon as I got into the office. It’s stressful and really frustrating when you have moms tell you just eat smaller meals or that they had morning sickness for a few weeks. I keep telling myself that I’m so close and that I can’t wait to meet this baby because although I love being a mom I truly hate being pregnant. Best of luck!