Reply to Ideas for dinner for my pickey 3 year old

A lot of kids go through this. It's totally normal! My niece only wanted chocolate muffins for a while. The doctor said, as long as she is eating give them to her! It will pass.. just keep encouraging foods dont give up although it can be VERRRY frustrating. Try applesauce packages.. shape the food, get those cutters in his favorite characters or shapes. Make it more appealing for him. Also walk away dont let him see you watching him because he can be doing it for a reaction. Also, give him choices! Kids love to have a say. Good luck momma<3 It sounds like he eats a good variety of foods, he isnt as picky as you think. He is testing to see if you'll give him candy. Maybe tell him after he eats a good meal give him a tiny piece of candy. Shark tank has a little girl that sells healthy lollipops.. look into that? Also.. maybe trick him? Wrap up some fruit in a candy wrapper lol. Look up some DIY healthy candy that can be made at home.