Reply to How much time does dad spend with his kids?

Was this something new he picked up after you moved in together or was he always a man child who played video games in the basement? Did he spend lots of time with the older two kids before you got pregnant? Or was he always like this and you just hoped he would change once y'all's baby showed up? While the article posted has some good points. It's mainly the overlooking of bad partners for the sake of "it'll get better" that is ridiculous. He's not changing, he's got an ex and two kids to prove it So either ultimatum, or deal with the fact you have 4 children in your house, one who at least financially contributes. My husband is very similar lol, but he's an amazing Dad when he's not playing a video game and I deal with the lion share of parenting and it's fine, sometimes I scream but what mom without a nanny doesn't? So figure out if he's worth it when he does unplug.