Reply to Body image issues after having my baby

I completely understand. I got back to pre-baby weight but my stomach has not toned up yet. Muscles we stretched a lot during pregnancy. (And don’t get me started on the boobs. Lol) Son is 20months. But I am now starting to work out. Finally feel ready. I recommend ‘fitness blender’ they have free videos on YouTube and a website if you want to pay. I was doing some of their workouts pre-pregnancy and during to help my back and loved them. Don’t worry about not looking as before. I know it’s hard because we are used to the body we’ve stared at for years and it’s no longer there. But now we get a new body. One that brought a baby into this world. Be proud of that. And you lost the baby weight. Congrats! As long as you are healthy, you are good. That’s important. Everything else is extra. :)