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A Good Mosquito Spray for a 22 month Old?

My daughter got bit on her legs from Mosquitos I just want to know if anyone has any good Mosquito sprays they recommend.

  • Kieli
    Aug 20

    My daughter was born in California, and about 7 months ago we moved to Alabama and the mosquitos here are no joke. I have used Off Family a couple of times, and it worked well. I have seen online that Johnson’s creamy baby oil aloe Vera and vitamin E are a more natural way of repealing as well but I haven’t use it before

  • Gabriella
    Aug 20

    We use a combination of the Fairytales brand bug repellent and the Johnsons creamy baby oil!

  • Ivana
    Aug 22

    Avon skin so soft wipes all the way

  • Erica
    Aug 31

    We use stickers that have natural repellants in them. One on the front of the shirt and one on the back. No bites and no sticky residue on the skin to wash off later