Reply to Induced labor

With my first I went into labor on our due date. Tried laboring at home for an hour looking for all the signs the doctor says to look for but i never had them. Called the Dr an hour after first contraction and they said go to the hospital. Had an hour drive to the hospital. When they checked me to make sure it was true labor I was 8cm... insane. So everyone rushed around like crazy hooking me up getting my epidural (which was the best thing ever!). But the epidural did slow down labor. Which honestly was fine cause me and my husband slept! 🙌🏻 when all was said and done, I was in labor for 13 hours. Now with my second, whole different story. I was induced two days early due to gestational diabetes. We checked in at the hospital at 12:30pm. They advised me that inductions can take longer than normal labor so get settled as it’ll be awhile. They also were very aware that I wanted an epidural when it came time and I signed all the paperwork ahead of time. They broke my water at 2pm. First contraction happened at 2:50pm. Than active labor started immediately! Within 30 mins I was demanding an epidural. I couldn’t get it as the anesthesiologist was caught up in an emergency. My babies heart rate kept dropping cause I couldn’t relax as they kept telling my to (uh how?!) they put me on oxygen and tried to keep me calm til I could get some meds. The anesthesiologist finally got there about 4:10pm. An hour and twenty minutes after it started. He couldn’t find the right spot and dug around for 10 mins before saying he was done and “accidentally” gave me a spinal as well. Which whatever, I finally had relief. As soon as I laid down from that and tried to catch my breath, the baby was still in distress. They checked me again and I was an 8. They asked me to do a practice push... than the stopped me, rushed the doctor in and said this is it. No was one prepared at all. They timed my pushing from start to finish. 1 minute. It happened all so fast I had no time to enjoy my epidural and just catch my breath. They even forgot to give me a catheter and I ended up peeing myself in recovery 🤦🏻‍♀️ but I was still numb so I had no idea. Our son was born just 4 hours after we checked into the hospital! 1hr 40mins after first contraction. All that to show how unbelievably different it was for us. If we were to have another kid, as crazy as my last labor was, induction is definitely the way to go. It was nice to know you were already there and had help if needed. And for us, scheduling things like childcare and animal care was a huge plus. Trust your doctor. If the suggest this is what’s best for mom and baby, than trust that. They consider full term 38 weeks so going into 39 you’re in the clear for being fully developed. You can always ask them to do a membrane sweep if they haven’t already. This will help kickstart natural labor