Reply to Breast feeding

This supplement (my lactation consultant said this particular one is recommended to woman with twins to increase supply... she said its the goat’s rue herb that made it work better than others). Also, nurse as much as possible... i agree even if its just for comfort. Any suckling will encourage more frequent let downs. If baby is getting frustrated (especially if they start pulling) use SNS while nursing to help baby get fed but continue to nurse. And then yes... as often as possible pump when u can... i found the best way to increase supply... pump TWICE in the middle of the night. Exhausting!!! but was so effective. Focus on one day at a time... your goal should be 7 days of consistency increasing your supply. It should take anywhere from three days to seven to see the results. Its a lot but if you make it through 7 whole days you should see results!!! These are all the things i had to do... took some time but when i got consistent for 7 days i got to my goal... and still nurse (and love nursing) my boy 1 year later! you can do it!