Reply to Potty time?

I did the exact same thing right after moving in mid-August. My son was almost two and we had a couple weeks off before things got crazy again and just went for it. I was worried it wasn’t enough time, but it was totally fine. We questioned at first if he was too young or we should have waited until after the transition of the cross country move, but the Oh Crap book saved us and helped us to stick with it. The first couple days are rocky since they don’t seem to understand what’s going on/when they need to go/etc, but they basically just hangout naked for a few days, so it’s nice to have the time home without needing to do anything. Then it was smooth sailing and we never looked back. So glad we did it and now it’s soooo much easier to not worry about diapers (or spend the money on them)! Go for it!