Reply to Work through it or get Divorced

I think money is one of the biggest issues in any relationship, especially when there is a lack of it to cover basic needs and expenses. None of us know the details here, but so far, it sounds like things can work out for the better, in time. No relationship is perfect, no man is perfect nor any woman out there. But when we choose someone to share our lives with, I feel we need to step up and be their biggest supporter through all of the ups and downs, and them ours. And maybe it's more about focusing on what's working between you than what's not. This same problem that you're having, where you feel it's a cycle of repeat, what does it revolve around? Is there a way to compromise? Date nights are still doable on a budget. Leave the kids at home, pack up some food, and go share a meal away from home where it's just the two of you. Talk. Express your feelings. Share some love, too. Remind each other of your good times and why you fell in love. Why you chose each other to build your lives together.