Reply to SAHP how often do you leave the house?

Go out for yourself when you feel you need to. Or do it everyday. Baby will adjust. Go to the library. Walk around a store you like to window shop. Walk around a mall. You gotta take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else. However that looks like. Bc I know what it feels like to be doing it all alone and that first year is so hard. So so hard and depleting. Around 13 months, I felt a big shift. My daughter was walking and starting to say her first words and the months that followed only get more hectic chasing them around. She's is 20 months now and I would say the day-to-day is easier bc I can see her personality, I can communicate with her, and we can play together. It doesn't feel as lonely as that first year can. Hang in there!!!! Look forward to an even closer bond in the future and stay present to enjoy the beauty this age has to offer.